2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nomination!

2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nomination!

Finally!  Pat and Neil have been nominated for the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.  Go vote daily until Pat’s Birthday.  This is so well deserved it’s ridiculous!

Check out the details and vote here!


4 comments on “2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nomination!
  1. Laura says:

    About time. I have been voting every day. You are still the best.

    • Ron Simon says:

      Agree – I’ve been a fan since Pat began recording. She absolutely deserves to be in the RARHOF. Her music has given me 40 years of enjoyment. Pat – thank you!

  2. Debbie Bruhn says:

    I’ve been a fan of hers since the very beginning of her career. This has been long, long, long overdue and muchly deserved. Congrats to her and Spyder for being nominated!! You’ll get in, I just know it.

  3. Jim Davidson says:

    Way overdue. Once Rush got on the ballot, the fans spoke. Let’s hope it happens this time too,

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