A ‘Business Trip’ to LA

A ‘Business Trip’ to LA

Hi everyone!

Joe and I just returned from a great trip to LA. It wasn’t all business, as there was a side trip for me to see family and old haunts, plus a trip to Disneyland with Joe! (And…someone got sick after Space Mountain, but I won’t mention his name…).

We have a couple of fun tidbits to share:

We met with the incredible Mr. Roger Capps and his wife Deborah. What an amazing couple! So kind-hearted, generous, candid, and fun! We know you’re wondering how he’s doing after all he’s been through. He looked GREAT! We spoke of the past, present and future. Roger is a wealth of information, has wonderful stories and insights – we lapped it all up!!! We can’t stop talking about how fantastic that evening was. We hope to be able to do it again!

Thank you to everyone out there who continues to support Roger in his endeavors. He truly appreciates all of you, and we are blessed to have him here with us in this fan club. Thanks again Roger!!!

We also met with Pat & Neil’s management. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. It was a very good meeting. We shared concerns about the VIP arrangements (in fact they asked us about your feedback). We are confident that things will execute better next year due to all of your input. Thank you all again for sharing your VIP stories/concerns/etc… We cannot divulge details right now.  As always, we promise to keep you updated when the tour starts next year. We’ll have better insight into the plans, process,,and execution of these VIP’s, and will be better equipped to answer your questions than we have in the past. Thanks for your patience with this.

Some of you have been wondering why the future tour dates and updated news aren’t on the BenatarGiraldo site. There’s been some sort of business issue with the company doing that, and the site is no longer being maintained. It’s going to be redone somewhere else in the future. As always, the Fan Club site has current tour information here.

We discussed a few ideas that will eventually come your way, and we are excited to be able to help keep you informed of all things Pat & Neil!

Keep Rockin’!
Maria & Joe

(post originally written and shared on Facebook group  9/26/16)

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