A quickie Q&A with Pat & Neil

A quickie Q&A with Pat & Neil


While we were in West Palm Beach, we came armed and ready with a few of your questions!  Pat & Neil were more than willing to answer them…..

Any new music coming?

Pat expected this question and beat us to the punch!  She doesn’t know the answer.  First, they have to stop touring.  You can’t make a record and tour at the same time.  They’d have to stay home to get it done.  So pick a fish – tour or produce music?  How long would it take?  They’d need a year.  Touring is like a vortex.  It’s all day, every minute.

Spyder says all the songs are written.  They just have to stay home.  It takes time for it all to evolve…at home.

(We personally don’t want them to stay home a year! – MDH/JC)


What about a Christmas album?

Spyder says they’re still working on it. It won’t happen this year.  They’ve been on the road too long.


 How about an European tour?

The promoters have been telling them they can’t do a European tour, because it’s been too long since the last one (like…1981).  The promoters have been proposing conditions not acceptable to them.  The gist of this is what we’ve been telling fans for years.  A tour requires a promoter willing to step up to book and support shows.  So far, it hasn’t been forthcoming.


So that’s it.  Answers straight from the artists!




6 comments on “A quickie Q&A with Pat & Neil
  1. Lisa flodder says:

    Thanks Christmas album under way woopwoop worth the wait

    • Thom monje says:

      Pat Neil I have Seen 26 of your shows been rocked with you since 1982 hope to see more i have fallen asleep many nights with your music spinning through my head..
      Thanks for all the the great life moments always loved work…

  2. jimmie carabineris says:

    i hope next year the long promised christmas album will finally come out any word on what songs are going to be on it

  3. WP says:

    I’d really love for them to release the acoustic album they were supposed to have of all their hits, about 10 years ago or so. So far, only one track has emerged “Everytime I Fall Back”, but they toured with an awesome version of “We Live For Love” that I’d like to get a studio version of.

  4. Pat and Debbie says:

    We came to your Douglas County Fair Show. This was our first time getting to enjoy your music live. Spectacular!!!!!! We had an amazing time. Your voice is as strong and beautiful as always and Neil’s performance was unbelievable. Who was your inspiration to perform when you started your career?

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