Go album cover

Release Date: 2003-08-12

Album ID: Bel Chiasso 79743-2

Track Listing

Album Personnel:

Pat Benatar – vocals
Neil Giraldo – guitars, keyboards, bass, backing vocals, strings arrangements
Mick Mahan – bass
Ray Brinker, Denny Fongheiser, Dave Karasony, Matt Laug – drums, percussion


Barry Rudolph – notes on producing the album.

Pat’s comments: Our world was turned upside down in 2002 by the sudden, tragic death of my younger brother. He was 46.We’ll always think of the timeline of life as splitting in two, “before and after” his death. Making the record was a great distraction from the grief.  Some of my favorite compositions are in this collection, I Won’t, Have It All, Go, Tell Me and of course Brave which was written the night he died. The song is about going home, realizing life was forever changed and trying to make sense of the world that was crashing all around us.  As a remedy and in defiance of the hand fate had dealt the family, we moved to our beloved Hana to heal. And heal we did.  We’ll always look at GO as a comforting exercise. The power of music and words, extraordinary and eternal.

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