Gravity’s Rainbow

Gravity’s Rainbow album cover

Rating: E

Release Date: 1993-05-24

Album Releases:

1993 Capitol CD Chrysalis F2-21982 CS Chrysalis F4-21982 AMG ID: R000170161 (album imprint)



Track Listing

Album Personnel:

Pat Benatar – vocals, executive producer
Neil Giraldo – guitar, keyboards, percussion, executive producer
Frank Linx – bass, percussion
Myron Grombacher – drums, percussion

Thanks to George, a.k.a. for these lyrics.


Pat Benatar makes an uncommon career move on GRAVITY’S RAINBOW: She successfully modernizes her sound. Of course, 90s modernizing simply means picking the right retro reference points, such as the Jimi Hendrix-style guitar intros to “You & I” and “Disconnected.” But there’s a little bit more to this album, namely the kind of enthusiasm for a maudlin lyric that has been the Hallmark of Benatar’s career. By the time the standard-issue power ballad “Every Time I Fall Back” rolls around, you’re trapped in her little world of romantic cliches, so you might as well enjoy it. The tricked-up musical settings, complete with modest rockabilly and folk touches, make it easy enough.
— Mike Lehecka, Request

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