Precious Time

Precious Time album cover

Rating: VG

Release Date: 1981-07-06

Album ID: AMG ID: R000001672 (album imprint)

Album Releases:

CD Chrysalis F2-21346
CS Chrysalis F4-21346
1981 LP Chrysalis 1346
CD Capitol 21346
Chrysalis 1346


Track Listing

Album Personnel:

Scott St. Clair Sheets – Guitar
Roger Capps – Bass/Vocal
Neil Geraldo – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocal
Myron Grombacher – Drums
Gary Herbig – Sax
Keith Olsen – Percussion
Alan Pasqua – Piano
Joel Peskin – Sax
Tom Scott – Sax
Larry(2) Williams – Sax
Pat Benatar – Vocal


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Album Notes:

Pat:¬† Precious Time was a curious record for us. After the massive success of Crimes of Passion, #2 for 5 weeks, sales of 4 million in the US and 2.5 million in Canada and our first Grammy win….we were tired. As usual, contractually we were forced to go back into the studio every nine months. We were clearly, not ready. Songwriting proved to be difficult. Thankfully, Promises in the Dark, Precious Time and Fire & Ice were born, giving us our first and only #1 album in the US and our 2nd Grammy win.

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