Seven the Hard Way

Seven albums in seven years…
Two dice…3½ dots each.
Seven…the hard way.

Seven the Hard Way album cover

Rating: VG

Release Date: 1985-10-30

Album ID: AMG ID: R000001676 (album imprint)

Album Releases:

CD Chrysalis F2-21507 CS Chrysalis F4-21507 1985 LP Chrysalis 41507 CD Capitol 21507 Chrysalis 41507 AMG ID: R000001676 (album imprint)



Track Listing

Album Personnel:

Pat Benatar – vocals
Neil Giraldo – guitars, producer
Charlie Giordano – keyboards
Donnie Nossov – bass
Myron Grombacher – drums

Thanks to George, a.k.a. LyricKing for these lyrics.

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