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Release Date: Varies

Album Releases:

  • Together – COVID inspired song (5/2020). View video here.
  • After the Fall – From a new project (2/2/2018)
  • Shine – (01/20/2017)
  • LIftin’ the Curse of the Rock – Neil’s Cleveland Indian’s Comeback Song (10/25/2016)
  • One December Night (11/26/2015)
  • Passion – Jello fruit passions commercial (2007).
  • Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades – An Extremely Goofy Movie Soundtrack (2000)
  • Cry For Love – Promo single, B side. Take a listen here!
  • Rescue Me – Speed Soundtrack (1994)
    Written by Carl William Smith and Raynard Miner
    Produced by Neil Giraldo
  • The Effect You Have On Me – Tribute To Edith Piaf (1993)
    (“L’effet que tu me fais”)
    Written by M. Heyral, E. Piaf, C. Severac, and S.M. Edgren
    Arrangement by Neil Giraldo
    Produced by Jacques Arnoul
    Additional Production by Neil Giraldo
  • Yakety Yak Take It Back – (1991)
    Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
    Special lyrics by Jerry Leiber
    Project Development/Executive Producer Jolie Jones
    Produced and Arranged by Stewart Levine
  • Tell Me Why – Disney: For Our Children (1991)
    Words and Music: Traditional
    Arranged by Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo
    Produced by Neil Giraldo
  • Shooting Star – Harry Chapin Tribute (1990)
    Written by Harry Chapin
    Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Stephen Chapi
  • Jimmy Says – Marlo Thomas & Friends – Free To Be A Family (1988)
    Written by David Buskin and Abra Bigham
    Produced by Marlo Thomas and Christopher Cerf
  • Sometimes The Good Guys Finish First – Secret Of My Success Soundtrack (1987)
    Written by Pat Benatar, Holly Knight and Khris McDaniels
    Produced by Neil Geraldo
  • Sun City – Artists United Against Apartheid (1985)
    Written by Little Steven
    Produced by Little Steven and Arthur Baker
  • Here’s My Heart – Metropolis Soundtrack (1984)
    Music composed by Giorgio Moroder
    Lyrics By Pete Bellotte
    Produced by Neil Geraldo, Peter Coleman, and Giorgio Moroder
  • Coxon’s Army Live from Sam Miller’s Exchange Cafe (1974)
    Pat sings the following songs:
    Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man – Written by Hammerstein and Kern
    Respect – Written by Otis Redding
    If He Walked Into My Life – Written by Jerry Herman
    Medley: Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show/Yes We Can Can
    Written by Neil Diamond / Toussaint
  • Day Gig/Last Saturday – Trace single (1974)

For even more compilations head to BenatarGiraldo or Le Museum de Benatar.

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