Wide Awake in Dreamland

Wide Awake in Dreamland album cover

Rating: E

Release Date: 1988-06-22

Album ID: AMG ID : R000001677 (album imprint)

Album Releases:

1988 CD Chrysalis F2-21628
CS Chrysalis F4-21628
1988 LP Chrysalis 41628
CD Capitol 21628



Track Listing

Album Personnel:

Neil Geraldo – Guitar/Co-producer
Myron Grombacher – Drums
Fernando Saunders – Bass
Kevin Savigar – Keyboards
Charlie Giordano – Keyboards
Frank Linx – Vocal (background)/Bass/Assistant Engineer
Nick Gilder – Vocal (background)
Carmen Twillie – Vocal (background)
Phyllis St James – Vocal (background)
Maxine Water – Vocal (background)
Bo Castro – Percussion
Peter Coleman – Co-producer

Thanks to George, a.k.a. LyricKing, for these lyrics.

Album Notes:

Pat:  “Wide Awake In Dreamland” was released in 1988, our 8th record after the nightmare album, “Seven The Hard Way”. I think we had finally acclimated to being parents, Haley was 3 years old. We were settling in and figuring out how to make music and raise kids. I know I felt back to my creative self, I think Neil did too. It would begin the path of future recordings, blending family and professional life. It set the tone and way that we recorded and toured for 24 years, until our daughters graduated high school. In 2012, when our youngest, Hana, graduated we returned to our original schedule of recording and touring.

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