Mick Mahan
Biographical Information

Mick in Vegas Pat Benatar Band Bassist

Born 10/13/6?
Hometown - Youngstown, Ohio

Mick was only eleven years old when he got into his first band, playing guitar. Two or three years later he started playing bass and "found his instrument." He received his formal musical education at the Grove School of Music in LA. He also has a degree from Kent State University in Ohio. Well versed in many styles of music from jazz to funk, he is very impressive as a groove player, providing a strong foundation for Pat and Neil's music.

Mick plays GMP basses, fretted and fretless 4,5, and 6 string. His current road rig consists of Eden amps and speaker cabinets.

He began playing with Pat and Neil in 1995 and appears on the album "Innamorta". Mick is currently working with Pat and Neil on their upcoming album.

Other touring and recording experiences include:

    Sophie B. Hawkins(Bass/Musical Director) 1999-2001
    Tin Drum
    Toni Childs "House Of Hope Tour"
    Phillip Bailey
    Alan Parsons
    Marc Bonilla and The Dragonchoir
    Steve Miller
    Moon Zappa
    Lisa Hartman-Black
    Rick Springfield
    The 5th Dimension
    Spencer Davis
    Woodland Hills Drum Club
    And numerous others

Besides albums, Mick has played for numerous television programs, films, and videos, such as:

Mick Mahan photo

    "Driven", Sylvester Stallone
    Good Morning America
    Fox After Breakfast
    Ru Paul
    KTLA Morning Show
    VH1- Behind the Music
    Tracey Ullman Show
    The King Of Thunder Mountain (Disney)
    Kiss Of A Killer (ABC)
    SIB'S (ABC)
    Merv Griffin Theme
    Michelob Draft Beer
    Harley Davidson

Not only an accomplished player, Mick also has credits for songwriting, composing, music preparation or production on the following:

    Prince - "Under the Cherry Moon"
    Bobby Caldwell
    Criterion Music Publishing
    Le Grande Frommage Music
    Skywalker Sound
    Muzak - Original New-age music
    Various industrial/educational videos
    Several TV and theater films

- Bio by Natalie Jones

-Photos by Joe Cross, Mike Jones

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