“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends.
And say my glory was I had such friends.”

– William Butler Yeats


Pat asked Joe, “Why’d you do it?”

His not-very-elegant response:  “Because nobody else was.”

In 1995, the Internet had just started.  We searched this new world wide web high and low for anything we could find about Pat. When the searches came up empty, half a dozen Internet denizens banded together and started these web pages to become what Frank Gironda called “The Guerilla Fan Club”.

Amazing things have happened since then. . .

The original founders:

Harold Bottomley
Randy Craft
Joe Cross
George Gallagher
Gil Lucero
Mary Anne Wiesner

THANKS!!! to:

  • Pat and Neil Giraldo for their inspiration and unwavering support. They help us do great things.
  • Robb McCaffree who found me before all this began.
  • Mary Wiesner, Goddess and co-founder.
  • Harold Bottomley for just about everything I can think of.
  • Cyndi Glass who had been through it all before with snail mail fan clubs.
  • George Gallagher for the lyrics and surveys
  • Rokin’ Robin Sloan who does an awful lot of really great stuff for us and Spyder.
  • Brian Meier for help in the early days.
  • All the planners, organizers, and helpers for the PatFests
  • Glo Sciuto (a.k.a Evilla) for the inspiration to keep going. . .
  • Rachel Phillips for all her creative endeavors on the site with photos, stories, lyric work, and original graphics. She never hesitates to help, and always finds the wayward needles in the haystack!
  • Maria D’Agostino Hannam for expressing the courage to carry on, the motivation to get things moving again, and dedication to make it happen.
  • And a special, BIG THANKS to the many, Many, MANY other fans who have contributed information and supported the web pages, listservers and other Fan Club activities through all these times. We are in your debt.

Joe Cross & Maria Hannam
The Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Fan Club