Fan Club T-Shirts are here!

Fan Club T-Shirts are here!

Fan Club T’s are available now! 


But that’s not all, we also have fan club wristbands & tattoos!

No need to Get Nervous !! Click here to head to the ordering page. Please read that entire page for all necessary details.  And if you’re not a fan club member yet, just join our Facebook group to become one!



8 comments on “Fan Club T-Shirts are here!
  1. shelli DeShazo says:

    I’ve been a fan since 15.just went to a show Aug 16 in Portland ore. Mush needed break from my 9 grandchildren.felt like younger agaain

  2. Kim Bromley says:

    I saw your concert at the Durham Fair last night and had an amazing time!! You guys ROCK!! Loved it so much!

  3. Suzanne Martinez says:

    My 9 year old daughter, Natalie Martinez, loves Pat Benatar. Since she was 7 she’s been saying “Mom Pat Benatar rocks!” Of course I’ve been a fan since forever. Its just her and I, and She’s had a rough couple of years but has been a trooper. I’m very proud of her. I was just wondering if Pat could maybe email Natalie? I know she’s busy so i understand. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I’m always telling my daughter..”You never know until you try.” (:

  4. Andrew Brown says:

    I had my daughter at the concert last night at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA. We were the father and 10 year old daughter sitting front row center. It was her first concert ever and she wanted to she Pat. The last 5 years were tough between getting laid off three times and losing both my mother and my father in law. So this was to be a special night to help her forget about all the negative and have some fun. From the beginning when Neil spotted her and asked her for ID, threw her a guitar pick, and the two of them talking to her several times through out the night, she was in heaven. THANK YOU is not sufficient a word for the experience you both gave her. I am scrambling to work OT to maybe see you guys in Delaware too! We listened to music the ride up, and she watched the VH-1 behind the music on the ride home. You are building an new generation of fans!

  5. Donald Cooke says:

    I have been listening to Pat Benatar since the 1st album. I was a rebel &rock n’roll was the cause. Her bigger songs were part of the soundtrack of my life. The first 5records remain in the front of my collection for decades now. I collect new music too. But find myself playing Benater, KISS, rolling stones most. Good company -huh

  6. Maria says:

    I’ve been a Pat Benatar fan for as long as I can remember. Since Jr. high school and well till now, people always told me that I look like her so much. One day I went shopping and customer came up and asked if I was Pat, I said um, no. lol. He goes “omg, I can’t believe you look so much like her, I really thought you were her.” I told him thank you and then said, she’s a couple inches or so taller than me lol. (I’m 4’8″)

  7. Karrie Jaycox says:

    My moment was with my daughter in Phoenix at the show went through a lot to get there Stood on my feet the whole time we sang along together she is 19 😀 unforgettable even though seen Pat at Old Tucson and another time at celebrity theater (they where amazing )

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