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  • 1. Joining the Fan Club

    Pat & Neil's Fan Club is online and completely electronic. Membership is simple. You become a member by joining our private group on Facebook. To do that, go here and request membership by answering the three simple questions.  Requests must be made as an individual only, not by a page you may run.  Approvals occur typically within 24 hrs (if questions are not answered, approval is not given).  You can read the posts, participate or just monitor the information. Announcements and significant messages will be pinned to the top of the feed for as long as they're relevant, so you won't have to search far. There is no charge for membership. Show off your Fan Club spirit at the next show, (or the grocery store) by purchasing merchandise here!

    Note:  Only individual membership requests are honored.  If you have friends you think might want to join, send them the link to our group so they can make requests themselves.

    There is also a Facebook Fan Club PAGE. This has all the relevant information and no need to 'join'.

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  • 2. Passes - Backstage passes, Meet N Greets, comp tickets, etc...

    Starting with the 2013 tour season, management made VIP’s available, similar to what a lot of other artists are doing.  Check the current tour information on our home page for details.  Yes, we are aware they are a little expensive.   No, there is nothing we can do about it.  

    Every so often you will see some people with backstage passes who did not purchase a VIP.  Please note those are specifically up to the artist and management.  The people involved usually already know Pat & Spyder.  (Sometimes it’s us - and we are beyond grateful as it’s a perk we don’t take for granted).

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  • 3. Artist-related Questions

    This site is operated by fans, not the artist. We are a volunteer organization and are unable to supply materials that would normally be provided by the artist.  The following types of requests should be referred to the BenatarGiraldo site:

    • Requests for charitable contributions
    • Material for Pat &/or Spyder to review (for legal reasons your material must have been published before it will be considered.)
    • Permissions to use Pat & Spyder's material
    • Promotional material
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  • 4. Singers Who Sound Like Pat

    Before you get irked that she didn’t sing The Warrior at a concert (this is a true story, we kid you not!)  be sure to do a Google search.

    • Quarterflash sings “Harden my Heart”.
    • Patty Smyth/Scandal sings “The Warrior” and “Goodbye to You”.
    • Nick Gilder sings “Hot Child in the City” (this comment may sound odd, but someone told us we were nuts it wasn’t Pat!)
    • “I love Rock ‘n Roll” really is Joan Jett – (Britney Spears got that one wrong - oops, she did it again!)
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  • 5. Autographs & Merchandise

    Personalized autographs are not available thru the Fan Club at this time.  Autographs for purchase are sometimes available at the merchandise table during the current tour.

    Exclusive Fan Club merchandise is available here!

    More merchandise available at the BenatarGiraldo site.


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  • 6. Booking

    For booking information on Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo please use the contact form located here.

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  • 7. Lyrics

    Lyrics for Pat & Spyder’s songs are available on our site - just look to the menu bar for the site.  Click on any album to access the song listings.  Hopefully most of the words are correct…… 😉

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  • 8. Links to Related Sites

    Le Museum de Benatar

    Spyder's Soul Kitchen

    The Italian Benatar Site


    If you'd like your fan-content site listed here, please contact us.

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  • 9. Tour Dates, Locations, & Future Dates

    LInks to the tour calendar are located on our Appearances page. That will take you to the official Tour Calendar.  Unfortunately we have no influence as to where they play, nor if they will play in Canada, Europe, etc………  Believe me if we could, we’d have her playing in your backyard.

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  • 10. Contact us

    For questions or comments directed to Pat or Spyder, use the form located here.  If you have any other questions or comments not covered here, send an email to the Fan Club.  We’d love to hear from you.   Remember this is not to Pat &/or Spyder themselves, but to the Fan Club administrators.  We’re almost as cool.

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Also, visit the Facebook Group FAQ