Have a Rockin’ Scary Halloween!

Have a Rockin’ Scary Halloween!

Don’t waste any Precious Time Getting Nervous…….and certainly Don’t Walk Away….. but You Better Run…..! ¬†Be Brave……….. and Go have a happy, safe, and overwhelmingly¬†scary Halloween!

(Image created by George Gakoumis, Jr., based on a photo included in the Go album’s liner notes)

2 comments on “Have a Rockin’ Scary Halloween!
  1. Linda Azze says:

    my brain is 71 yrs old but I am sure I watched Pat singing
    Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You to Barney Miller (Hal Linden) on the TV show. Soft, sweet, the way Dolly wrote it. Would love to hear it again somehow. Anyone know where I might find that? Thanks! Linda

    • benatarfanclub says:

      Linda, it doesn’t ring a bell with any of us. Pat isn’t credited on the show. She’s frequently confused with other artists who look or sound like her, which could be the case here.

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