You can be a VIP

You can be a VIP

“Wow! A VIP pass?  Fun, but pricey.  It’s out of my league.”

It is an option, though.  A viable option!  How many of us would have wanted to do this back in the 80’s??!! These folks won’t be touring forever, so planning now is essential!  This is your chance!

Starting in 2017, VIP’s were re-vamped a bit from prior years. Please note that the 2022 tour has a slightly different VIP experience than you will find in the slideshow. Specific information for the package and venue are found here and here. And then there’s this cheat sheet we made found here.


You too can be a VIP.  It’s worth it!

Check out these fans who have taken advantage of the VIP option.

These photos say it all!

Christy  Patsy Methvin 2019
Esther Rosario VIP
2019 05 07 Orlando Mary Wiesner
Libby Pat and Neil 2016 2
derek blair VIP
DSC02374 (1)
IMG 3004
manncos2 (1)
IMG 0004
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DSC 1034
IMG 0720
IMG 0742-1
IMG 3991
IMG 3990
IMG 3992
Justine Hastings, Arvada CO 7/15/19

We are in the process updating this slideshow.  If you’d like your VIP photo from 2017 to 2019 to be added, please send with subject line:  VIP photo below:

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6 comments on “You can be a VIP
  1. Mike Machnik says:

    We’ll be at the NJ balloon festival show tonight in the 4rth row.
    It’s our first wedding anniversary and my wife Elaine’s birthday!
    Fans since the beginning. We’re happy to spending it with you.

  2. Michele says:

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning with my sister. She passed away and I would love to meet Pat and her husband when we see them at the Durham Fair in CT. Can anyone help me? I was told there are no VIP passes for this event.

  3. Kristen Downs says:

    I have been a fan of Pat Benetar since the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’ve been 3-4 concerts, one was in Dayton, Ohio. It was a free concert, the only bad thing that happened was a real bad thunderstorm put a damper on it. When it started raining, she and the band went running past me, that was the best part of my day, she didn’t say anything to me but the keyboardist went by and said “Well, we tried”!! I would love to see her in concert in Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio

  4. Kent W Kronlof says:

    Pat been a fan sine you were a Rising Star in Seattle. Seen many of your shows around Seattle. Time for you to come back to Seattle proper.Thanks.!

  5. Tom Lamb says:

    My brother, Davey, and I will be at your Augusta, Georgia concert in October. We have front row seats and VIP package. Can’t wait to see you and Neil!!

  6. Victoria says:

    Would love to experience a once in a lifetime experience to meet you both. Albeit I am not accustomed to spending on non-essentials, I consider meeting you both essential. One of my favorite female rockers. Damn! I’m in.

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