New Music Video for Challenging Times

New Music Video for Challenging Times

Pat and Spyder released a music video on May 15, 2020 for the challenging times dealing with the Covid19 virus.  Their message to all:

Hey Everyone – In Challenging times, it sometimes helps to seek out beauty and hope and positivity. Making music leads us down that path. We wrote this because we are all hurting, struggling, grieving. We hope in some small way, that this lifts spirits and heals hearts. Wishing everyone blessings, strength and love.

2 comments on “New Music Video for Challenging Times
  1. Valerie La Rue says:

    Beautiful. Just finished reading Pat’s book. Been seeing you in concert since Madison Wis and the last time was in El Paso Tx. Take care!

  2. Beth Sisson says:

    So true – these days I cannot even leave my house or have my son or grandkids come visit, much less attend a concert. And I was so very much looking forward to seeing Pat Benatar sing in person again. But her health and everyone else’s (including me) comes first.

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