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Tour Announcement
Following is the official announcement regarding the cancellation of the summer tour:

"Dear Ones,

It has been a crazy week...Spyder's eye injury was unexpected and terrifying. Thanking God and the Universe that he was able to have surgery immediately and save his eye. He is healing nicely and expected to make a full recovery! Unfortunately, not soon enough for us to continue the tour. He is unable to fly, exert himself or engage in any activity that could compromise the healing process. So with heavy hearts, we will have to cancel the scheduled dates, through the September 6 Alaska show. We know this is such a huge disappointment for everyone, us included. We were having a blast out there, celebrating our milestone anniversary with all of you! Ya'll were there every night...singing your hearts out, rockin' like crazy! We thank you for your never ending enthusiasm and dedication...you are the BEST! We hope you understand that we must do this, to ensure Spyder's good health for the future. We hope to be out there performing for ya'll for many years to come! We'll keep you posted on his progress and any updates regarding future performances. Thank you for your good wishes and your continued patience and support. We'll see you out there!"

Note: Text in italics is editorial clarificatoin - JC

Benatarian Life - the Fanzine!
Benatarianlife, a new print magazine, has been produced by Luca Ansaldo and the European fans. It's about Pat, Spyder, their stories and the way their music positively influences us every day. It might seem odd, even anachronistic, to start a print magazine in the internet era, in which at-your-fingertips availability has become an expectations. It is exactly to counter this that Benatarianlife is coming to life. It's something you can hold in your hands, look at, and, above all, keep for browsing at some other point in time, in the same way lots of us love and keep old vinyl records.

The first issue features interviews with Mick Mahan and Roger Capps, a comparison of two bass guitar players who have played fundamental roles in the artistic journey of Pat and Neil. The issue also features the first part of a very detailed story by Sandrine Raspau, the president of the French Fan Club, and an article from her sister, Caroline Skudder. Finally, it ends with the curious tale of Corinne Esnault, who wrote the French translation of Pat's autobiography.

Receiving Benatarianlife is really simple:

  1. Send a request to info@patbenatar.eu
  2. List your name, surname and address
  3. You will receive information for ordering by return email.

Rhinofy-Pat Benatar Primer
Check out Bob Lefsetz' great story on Pat in TheLefsetzLetter.

Pat & Spyder's 35th Anniversary DVD/CD
Pat and Spyder's 35th Anniversary DV/CD combo is available now in several different configurations. Click here for information and links to order.

2015 Tour Announcement
The following announces the beginning of the 2015 tour season for Pat and Spyder. Keep an eye on the Appearances page for more details.

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo to Embark on 35th Anniversary Tour
Concerts Set to Launch on April 10

(Los Angeles, CA) She sings the songs, and he plays them. Along the way, the union of Pat Benatar and Neil “Spyder” Giraldo has become one of the most successful in music history, and their legacy continues to be celebrated across the globe. The couple is kicking off their 35th Anniversary Tour on April 10 in Jackson, California. Cities listed among the North American concert series include Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Albany, Hampton Beach, Nashville, Orlando, Durham, and many more.

The rock duo’s exceptional journey began with their debut album, In The Heat of The Night. They would soon grace the cover of Rolling Stone, and make history with the hit single “You Better Run,” which gave them the distinction of being the first female vocalist and the first guitar player featured on MTV. In 1981, Giraldo began co-producing the pair’s recording sessions, starting with Precious Time. By the end of 1982, they were married in a Hawaiian ceremony.

“Thirty-five years ago, "Heartbreaker" was the catalyst for it all,” says Pat Benatar. "It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed. We’re excited to be celebrating this personal and musical milestone. The tour should be an incredible, shared experience with the audience.”

"From the very beginning our chemistry was undeniable," remarks Neil Giraldo. "This is the driving force behind everything we do. After 35 years of playing together, we're looking forward to the spring and summer leg of tour and the future, which will surely be adventurous."

Benatar and Giraldo’s collection of hits include “We Belong,” “Promises In The Dark,” “Hell Is For Children,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” and “Heartbreaker.” The duo has scored two RIAA-certified Multi-Platinum albums, five RIAA-certified Platinum albums, and three RIAA-certified Gold albums during their storied career. Benatar, a four-time Grammy Award winner, has three American Music Awards. Together, Benatar and Giraldo, have 19 Top 40 singles and multiple Top 10 singles. Neil Giraldo’s impressive back catalog includes more than 100 songs written, produced, arranged and recorded for Benatar along with hits he helped create for John Waite, Rick Springfield and Kenny Loggins, Steve Forbert, The Del Lords, Beth Hart and countless other artists. The renowned multi-instrumentalist has been featured in various publications, including Guitar World, Gold Mine and Guitar Aficionado as one of the most talented rock musicians of all-time.

In addition to this year’s concert tour, fans will also be able to enjoy the couple’s much-anticipated CD/DVD package, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo: The 35th Anniversary Tour, featuring 14 of their greatest hits, including “All Fired Up,” “We Live For Love,” and “Invincible.”

For more information, visit: Pat and Spyder's site.

PBS Concert Special
"We Belong" together! Pat and Spyder been making music together for over 35 years! Help them celebrate with their new concert special on Public Television this March. Learn more about it here.

The Sing Off
Pat and Spyder performed on the finale of NBC's "The Sing Off", which aired on Monday, December 23rd on NBC. Their segment of the show can be viewed here.

The Second Italian Convention
The second convention of Italian and European fans was held in Casanova Lerrone, Italy on April 27-28, 2013. For a short story aobut it, with some photos and videos of the event, click here.

New Zealand Summer Concert Series
Pat and Neil appeared in a New Zealand summer concert series in early 2013. Appearing on the same bill were America and Randy Backman and Fred Turner of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Photos and reviews are posted in the Fan Club Gallery.

Rebuild Long Island
Pat and Neil played a benefit concert at NYCB Theatre at Westbury on January 25. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts of Habitat for Humanity, Lindenhurst Fire Department, and The Village of Lindenhurst Relief Fund.

Danielle Severino organized a Fan Club effort where members donated $1000 to the cause. This was presented to the band on January 24 at the concert in Rahway, NJ.

Pat and Danielle
Click for more photos

Behind Union City
Marcus Reichert, artist and writer/director of the film Union City, has an awesome new photo book out! "Behind Union City" is packed with beautiful photographs of Debbie Harry and Pat Benatar acting in the film *and* behind the scenes! Check out the Press Release for more information and a limited-time of £10 off to Pat Benatar fans (offer expires August 1). There are lots of photos of Pat (you can see some of them in the press release).

Facebook Links
Here are links to other places you can find us and the band on Facebook:

Giorgio Moroder Presents: METROPOLIS
Eureka Entertainment is releasing a new restoration of Giorgio Moroder's reworking of Fritz Lang's Metropolis the first time on DVD in the UK. It is available on DVD and limited edition DVD Steelbook after July 23, 2012. The DVD edition contains new high-definition restoration from rare original 35mm elements, original stereo and 5.1 surround audio options and The Fading Image, a vintage documentary from 1984 detailing the creation of Moroder's reconstruction. Click here to read the press release (Adobe PDF reader required).

Note: a US version of this was released in 2011 and is available from the usual outlets (Amazon, etc.)

B. C. Rich Guitars
B.C. Rich Guitars has announced the Neil Giraldo Signature Eagle for 2012. Neil is, without question, one the most noteworthy artists to emerge from the B.C. Rich Guitars Golden Era. His trusty Eagle Supreme, affectionately known as Kato, has provided the ultimate platform for his aggressive bends and signature style. B.C. Rich pays tribute to Neil and ushers in a new Golden Era with a faithful recreation of his renowned Eagle for 2012.

Harold Bottomley

Pat's Biography - Between a Heart and a Rock Place
Pat's biography titled "Between a Heart and a Rock Place", talks about Pat's life, rock 'n roll and how her generation changed music forever. Harper Collins has released a video trailer for the biography on YouTube. Click here to view it.

For more information, check the HarperCollins site.

Grammy Artists Revealed
The Recording Academy featured Pat and Neil when it hosted the first of its GRAMMY Artists Revealed series celebrating musical excellence and diversity throughout the year. The inaugural event was held October 7, 2009 at Nokia Theatre Times Square in New York City.

CMT Crossroads
Here's the RCA announcement on Pat and Neil's appearance with Martina McBride on Crossroads:
Nashville, TN - The pairing of country superstar Martina McBride and legendary rocker Pat Benatar proved to be a popular one on CMT last weekend as the numbers from the show's debut roll in. The "CMT Crossroads" episode featuring Martina and the leather-clad 80's rock icon became the show's third highest debut in its history last Friday night (12/12) behind the Kid Rock/Hank Jr. and Dixie Chicks/James Taylor pairings. The show also did extremely well in the coveted 18-49 demo.

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