VIP Information for the Current Tour Season

imag0408a-fadedThe 2019 VIP offerings have changed from what they were in the past.  Here are the package descriptions in fan club/layman’s terms. Please note that packages can change.  We will update accordingly!

The Fan Club has nothing to do with selling or arranging these VIP’s. We can help clarify any details below:

  1. Front Row Package:
    • Ticket in front row
    • Personal photo op (with Pat)
    • Merchandise
  2. Photo op Package:
    • Ticket in rows 2-5
    • Personal photo op (with Pat)
    • Merchandise
  3. We Belong Package (no photo op):
    • Ticket in rows 6-15
    • Merchandise

VIP packages are sold where you buy your show tickets.  Prices may vary according to venue.  A confirmation email should be received shortly after purchase (please check your spam folder!).  For exact information please contact the VIP company at the link shown below.  It’s their job to administer the program.  They’ll have all the answers.


  1. No personal autographs are permitted.  Do not bring items to be autographed.
  2. These are not like the intimate, personal MnGs of the past. The new packages consist of a personal photo op only.  You will have a quick interaction of maybe a minute or less with Pat.  But c’mon, you still get to meet her:-)  (If you choose the We Belong package there is no photo op).
  3. The VIP host will take your photo.  Photos will be posted here within a few days.
  4.  For any specific inquires, please contact the VIP customer service here.