This is the official Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo Fan Club!  It’s run by fans for the fans. Membership is free.  We don’t charge dues.  All you need to do to become a member is join our Facebook Page.  We have the full support of Pat & Neil.  We’ve been here since the start of the Internet.  We’ve stood the test of time.  We have a vested interest in supporting these artists.  We want you to have as much up to date information, news and fun as possible.

We have some great Fan Club Merchandise here. Your purchase helps support the running of this fan club – plus showing your fan club spirit is always fun!

We are here for you!  This is really the “Fan’s Club”.  

Please let us know how we are doing, what else we can feasibly do, or if you have any other suggestions.

Note:  if you have questions about the VIP / Photo-op sales, unfortunately, those aren’t a Fan Club function.  However, we’ve put together a cheat sheet here which might help answer your questions.



And Keep on Rockin’….

Joe & Maria

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A bunch of fan-clubbin' fans! Albany, April 2015

A bunch of fan-clubbin’ fans! Albany, April 2015