My Clone Sleeps Alone

You know and I know My Clone Sleeps Alone
She’s out on her own – forever
She’s programmed to work hard, she’s never profane
She won’t go insane, not ever

No V.D., no cancer, on T.V’s the answer
No father, no mother,, she’s just like the other
And you know and I know, My Clone Sleeps Alone

Your clone loves my clone, but yours cannot see
That’s no way to be, in heaven
No sorrow, no heartache, just clone harmony
So obviously, it’s heaven

No naughty clone ladies allowed in the eighties
No bed names, no sex games, just clone names and clone games
And you know and I know My Clone Sleeps Alone

Before we existed the cloning began
The cloning of man and woman
When we’re gone they’ll live on, cloned endlessly
It’s mandatory in heaven

But they won’t remember or ever be tender
No loving, no caring, no program for pairing
No V.D., no cancer, on T.V’s the answer
No father, no mother, she’s just like the other

No naughty clone ladies allowed in the eighties
And you know and I know My Clone Sleeps Alone
My Clone Sleeps Alone!
My Clone Sleeps Alone!

  • The first song Pat wrote
  • Pat: That was also by Roger. He called me up with the lyrics one morning at 6. He was up all night and he wrote this song about cloning. I said, goodnight, call me later. He wrote it around the time of the big controversy about clones – there was a big article in the New York Times.
  • Notes from Roger Capps:
  • I haven’t mentioned the influence DavidB had on me. I watched his whole career, every incantation, every album. He gave musicians rights and direction to be fearlessly unique.  I recall the night I wrote MCSA. I had an electric piano in my basement apartment on the Upper Eastside, NYC and I reached down and felt for a chord to go with the song in my head. I grabbed an inverted F major and the little finger grabbed the 9th…. the first two notes of the melody…there!….I could hear David’s voice in my head; “You know and I know…” I heard the slang, slightly Cockney’d, in David’s voice. Who better to emulate than D.B. for a science fiction song like this? I had hooked up two cassette recorders and bounced tracks back and forth. All the parts were in and my voice was Bowie Affected.

    I must have spent the last six hours getting it presentable and it was now about 3 am. So, what to do next? The only thing that truly made any sense, Call Patti!  She picks up and from a dead sleep says ‘Roger! (actually she called me Romp-from a dream she had had showing a newspaper article with a picture of her coming down the aircraft’s steps. The Caption Read: Pat Benatar and Bassist Romp Rafey Arrive in Hawaii) What are you doing? You nuts!?’. I couldn’t help giggling and telling her to ‘..listen!’! I held the receiver to the speaker and let it all play….after the intro I hear the rock n roll rhumba start for the verse….I was really proud of this unique tune! It ends and I get back to her and she is laughing like crazy and telling me I’m crazy BUT! Patti chuckled ‘…meet me at Catch tomorrow and we’ll work it up!’…….

    Mission Completed…Well, we spent a couple of rehearsals and, of course, I shared where I was coming from (the actual meaning of the song) and she loved it. In any recording, video or whatever, you/I can hear the joy in her voice. We introduced MCSA to our set which included  a lot of rock material but three that she and I had written together. So Sincere, My Clone Sleeps Alone and Hell Is For Children. If you listen closely to Patti’s voice on the original album, you can hear the slightest British accent. That’s David.

    Bowie was the vehicle that got my little SYFY rock song into this reality, and I have always been grateful to him, his talent and his professionalism. But mostly his ability to be ahead of everyone else with polished results.

    I’m sure there are other song-writers he has influenced, no doubt, but for me it was actually more personal since I had him, his voice in my head and I knew he was encouraging me to keep going, be different, finish the thing AND share it out. He helped me be fearless and fun so I will proceed in this life owning the ability of having original thought and the courage to follow it through.

    Thank You So Much David Bowie! We never met but you are part of me, my friends and my music.


From the album(s): 8-15-80, In the Heat of the Night, Pat Benatar - The Very Best of Vol. 2, and Pat Benatar Synchronistic Wanderings Recorded Anthology 1979 to 1999
Author(s): Roger Capps & Pat Benatar
Time: 3:27
Copyright: @Copyright 1979 by Rare Blue Music, Inc.
Song lyrics checked for accuracy with Pat Benatar's Music Anthology

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